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저차원 재료 성장 & 물리화학

홈페이지 :
2010.08 포항공과대학교 박사
2003.08 포항공과대학교 학사
경력 -Postdoctoral Research Fellow (09/2010 ~ 10/2011)
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Research Areas: Fabrication of large area nano-structures and applications to optoelectronic devices (Advisor: Prof. Jong-Lam Lee).
-Postdoctoral Research Fellow (11/2011 ~ 02/2015)
Department of Dynamics at Surfaces, Max Planck Institut für Biophysikalische Chemie & Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Research Areas: Synthesis of complex surfaces for molecular beam scattering experiments (Advisor: Prof. Alec M. Wodtke).

1.제3기 국가나노기술지도 나노소재분과 분과위원 (2017.09~2018.02)
2.대한금속재료학회 회원, 융합분과 간사위원 
3.반도체 학술대회 Device for energy 분과위원.
4.산업기술혁신 평가단 평가위원 (2017.03~)
5.중소기업기술개발 지원사업 평가위원 (2017.08~)
6.GPVC (Global Photovoltaic Conference) 분과위원 (2017.10~)
7.SSIT (삼성전자공과대학교) 초빙교수 (재료과학1, 재료과학2, 2017.08~)
연구분야 1. Rational synthesis of nano-materials
-Graphene growth and applications
Growth of high quality graphene layer using CVD method and transfer process.
Making free-standing graphehe using TEM grid patterns.
Application of free-standing graphene for low energy electron scattering.
Application of free-standing graphene for He scattering and molecular beam scattering.
Application of free-standing graphene for bio-molecule imaging using Cryo-TEM.
-Large-area nano facet (MgO), nanorods & wires (MgO, ZnO, ITO, and In2O3)
Application to GaN-based high-power vertical-structure light emitting diodes (V-LEDs) &
Alq3 based organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) for solid-state lightings.
Piezo-electronic devices such as haptic devices and energy harvesting devices.
Super-hydrophobic surfaces for self-cleaning devices.
-Nanomaterials for advanced catalysts and sensors (VO2, RuO2, SnO2, MoO2, WO2, TiO2, and ReO3)
Growth mechanism analysis of nanorods (VLS & non-VLS process).
Metal oxide nanowire with carbon complex for Li ion battery anode applications.
Mott-transition of VO2 in nano-structure and their application as sensors.
2. Epitaxial growth of close packed metal (Ag, Cu, Pt, Au etc) and oxide materials (MgO, TiN, ZnO etc) and their characterization
Domain matching epitaxy for the large lattice mismatch systems.
Buffer layers of functional oxide such as ferroelectrics and wurtzite semiconductors.
3. Solar cell electrode design for high efficiency
ITO nano-branches for high efficient organic solar cells (P3HT:PCBM solar cells).
MgO facet design for the Yablonovitch limit (a-Si and Si based solar cells).
Graphene as a flexible electrode of organic solar cells.
Surface plasmon for the advanced light absorption.
Design of distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) for total light absorption.
4. MgO based secondary electron emitters and Thermal energy storage systemn
Control of preferred orientation of polycrystalline MgO film.
Defect level control using excimer laser annealing.
Application to plasma display panels, electron multipliers, and mass spectrometers.
기타 -Patent.
1. (Granted) 유학기, 이종람
"보호막 및 그 형성 방법" (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-0886828-0000).
2. (Granted) H. K. Yu, J. -L. Lee
3. (Granted) H. K. Yu, J. -L. Lee
4. (Granted) 손준호, 유학기, 이종람
“MgO 피라미드 구조를 갖는 발광소자 및 그 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1165259-0000).
5. (Granted) J. H. Son, H. K. Yu, J. -L. Lee
6. (Granted) J. H. Son, H. K. Yu, J. -L. Lee
“Light emitting device having MgO pyramid structure and method for fabricating the same” (US20130207074 A1).
7. (Granted) J. H. Son, H. K. Yu, J. -L. Lee
“Light emitting device having MgO pyramid structure and method for fabricating the same” (US20158993997 B2).
8. (Granted) 유학기, 이종람
“버퍼층을 이용한 실리콘 기판 위의 산화아연 박막 형성 방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1135928-0000).
9. (Granted) 손준호, 유학기, 이종람
“표면증강라만산란 분광용 기판 제작 방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1097205-0000).
10. (Granted) 유학기, 정관호, 동완재, 이종람
“태양전지용 기판 및 이의 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1186560-0000).
11. (Granted) H. K. Yu, G. H. Jung, W. J. Dong, J. -L. Lee
12. (Granted) 유학기, 이종람
“전자선 증착장비를 이용한 인듐 주석 산화물 나노 막대 제조 방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1217786-0000).
13. (Granted) 송양희, 유학기, 이종람
“습식 식각형 버퍼층을 이용한 수직형 발광다이오드 제조 방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1238169-0000).
14. (Granted) 유학기, 이종람
“전자선 증착 장비를 이용한 산화아연 나노 막대 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1243633-0000).
15. (Granted) 유학기, 이종람
“투명 전도성 플렉서블 기판 및 그 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1272796-0000).
16. (Granted) 정관호, 유학기, 동완재, 함주영, 이종람
“도전성 플렉서블 기판 및 그 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1284873-0000).
17. (Granted) 유학기, 동완재, 정관호, 이종람
“태양전지 소자 및 그 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1295199-0000). Prime Minister Award (2nd prize), the 32th Korea Invention Patent Exhibition.
18. (Granted) H. K. Yu, W. J. Dong, G. H. Jung, J. -L. Lee
“SOLAR CELL ELEMENT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR SAME” (WO2013006016). Prime Minister Award (2nd prize), the 32th Korea Invention Patent Exhibition.
19. (Granted) 김성준, 홍기현, 유학기, 이종람
“유기 발광 다이오드용 기판 및 이의 제조방법” (대한민국, 등록번호: 10-1317276-0000).
20. (Granted) H. K. Yu, A. M. Wodtke
“Graphene with very high charge carrier mobility and preparation thereof” (EP2801551 A1)
21. (Granted) H. K. Yu, A. M. Wodtke
“Graphene with very high charge carrier mobility and preparation thereof” (WO2014180919 A1)
22. (Revision) 손준호, 유학기, 이종람
“MgO 피라미드 구조를 갖는 발광소자 및 그 제조방법” (대한민국, 분할출원: 10-2011-0115338).
논문 및 연구활동
  • [논문] Water-Soluble Epitaxial NaCl Thin Film for Fabrication of Flexible Devices (SCIENTIFIC REPORTS) - 2017.08
    류학기, 최재영, 김성주, 이종람, 이동규, 오세인
  • [논문] Understanding of preferred orientation formation in rock-salt materials: The case of MgO (CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN) - 2016.04
    이종람, 류학기
  • [논문] Chemical vapor deposition of graphene on a "peeled-off" epitaxial Cu(111) foil: a simple approach to improved properties (ACS NANO) - 2014.08
    류학기, 김기수, 이종람, Alec M. Wodtke, Claus Ropers, Janina Krieg, Klaus Kern, Kannan Balasubramanian , Manisankar Maiti
  • [논문] Self-Connected and Habitually Tilted Piezoelectric Nanorod Array (ACS NANO) - 2011.11
    류학기, 이종람, 백정민
  • [논문] Three-Dimensional Nanobranched Indium–Tin-Oxide Anode for Organic Solar Cells (ACS NANO) - 2011.10
    류학기, 정관호, 이종람, 동완재
  • [논문] Hierarchical Ag nanostructures on Sn-doped indium oxide nano-branches: Super-hydrophobic surface for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (RSC ADVANCES) - 2018.04
    류학기, 이동규, 최재영, 오세인, 최경순, 이주한, 민경찬, 전욱진
  • [논문] Secondary electron emission properties of Zn doped MgO thin films grown via electron-beam evaporation (THIN SOLID FILMS) - 2018.03
  • [논문] Photophysical properties and photoelectrochemical performances of sol-gel derived copper stannate (CuSnO3) amorphous semiconductor for solar water splitting application (CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL) - 2018.02
    조인선, 서갑경, 서형탁, 류학기, 안병민, 김빛나, 황성원
  • [논문] Spontaneous nano-gap formation in Ag film using NaCl sacrificial layer for Raman enhancement (NANOTECHNOLOGY) - 2018.01
    류학기, 최재영, 김영호, 민경찬, 전욱진
  • [논문] Multiple acoustic surface plasmons in graphene/Cu(111) contacts (PHYSICAL REVIEW B) - 2018.01
    G. Chiarello, D. Farias, 류학기, A. Politano
  • [논문] Contamination-free graphene transfer from Cu-foil and Cu-thin-filmsapphire (COATINGS) - 2017.12
    류학기, 이신영, 이재영
  • [논문] Plasmon-enhanced ZnO nanorod/Au NPs/Cu2O structure solar cells: Effects and limitations (KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) - 2017.12
    서형탁, Shankara S. Kalanur, 전형탁, 안병민, 조인선, 류학기, 유일한, 엄기령
  • [논문] Graphene growth controlled by the position and number of layers (n = 0, 1, and more than 2) using Ni and MgO patterned ultra-flat Cu foil (RSC ADVANCES) - 2017.11
    류학기, 박진헌, 최재영, 최경순, 이주한, 이아람, 김태수
  • [논문] Optical properties and visible light-induced photocatalytic activity of bismuth sillenites (Bi12XO20, X = Si, Ge, Ti) (CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL) - 2017.10
    조인선, 황성원, 김동욱, 류학기, 서형탁, 안병민, 노태훈, 김진운
  • [논문] Poly-Trimethoxyphenylsilane for carrier-film of residual-free CVD-graphene transfer (PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI-RAPID RESEARCH LETTERS) - 2017.10
    류학기, Nilesh K. Shrivastava, Tuqeer Nasir, 최경순, 최재영, 김학철, 김관우, Mudusu Devika, 이상훈, 정병주, 김범준, 이주한
  • [논문] Position-selective metal oxide nano-structures using graphene catalyst for gas sensors (CARBON) - 2017.09
    류학기, 박진헌, 최경순, 최재영, 조인선, 안병민, 서형탁, 유일한, 이아람, 이주한
  • [논문] Water-Soluble Epitaxial NaCl Thin Film for Fabrication of Flexible Devices (SCIENTIFIC REPORTS) - 2017.08
    류학기, 최재영, 김성주, 이종람, 이동규, 오세인
  • [논문] Growth of two-dimensional rhenium disulfide (ReS2) nanosheets with a few layers at low temperature (CRYSTENGCOMM) - 2017.08
    류학기, 김세아, 김명화, 이남석, 윤석현
  • [논문] A facile growth process of highly single crystalline Ir1−xVxO2 mixed metal oxide nanorods and their electrochemical properties (CRYSTENGCOMM) - 2017.06
    류학기, 천승희, 김현영, 장혜수, 이영미, 조아라, 김명화, 이정목, 이남석, 이예정
  • [논문] Dispersion and damping of the interband π plasmon in graphene grown on Cu(111) foils (CARBON) - 2017.04
    류학기, A. Politano, I. Radovic, Z.L. Miscovic, D. Farias, G. Chiarello, D. Borka
  • [논문] Photochemical Tuning of Ultrathin TiO2/p-Si p-n Junction Properties via UV-Induced H Doping (ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS) - 2017.03
    서형탁, 류학기, 안병민, 조인선, 이상연, 김진서
  • [논문] Growth of ZnO thin film on graphene transferred Si (100) substrate (THIN SOLID FILMS) - 2016.10
    류학기, 서형탁, 유선종, 이아람, 김건영, 조인선, 안병민
  • [논문] Graphene protected Ag nanowires: Blocking of surface migration for thermally stable and wide-range-wavelength transparent flexible electrodes (RSC ADVANCES) - 2016.09
    류학기, 이재영, 이아람
  • [논문] Copper micro-labyrinth with graphene skin: New transparent flexible electrodes with ultimate low sheet resistivity and superior stability (NANOMATERIALS) - 2016.09
  • [논문] Local transport measurements in Graphene on SiO2 using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (CARBON) - 2016.06
    류학기, Philip Willke, Christian Moehle, Martin Wenderoth, Thomas Kotzott, Alec Wodtke, Anna Sinterhauf
  • [논문] Understanding of preferred orientation formation in rock-salt materials: The case of MgO (CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN) - 2016.04
    이종람, 류학기
  • [논문] Selective functionalization of graphene peripheries by using bipolar electrochemistry (CHEMELECTROCHEM) - 2016.03
    류학기, Laura Zuccaro, Kannan Balasubramanian, Mitsuharu Konuma, Klaus Kern, Alexander Kuhn
  • [논문] Antireflective Indium-Tin-Oxide Nanobranches for Efficient Organic Solar Cells (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS) - 2016.02
    류학기, 함주영, 이종람, 동완재, 정관호, 박재용
  • [논문] Quality of graphene on sapphire: long-range order from helium diffraction versus lattice defects from Raman spectroscopy (RSC ADVANCES) - 2016.02
    류학기, Gloria Anemone, Esteban Climent-Pascual, Amjad Al Taleb, Daniel Farias, Carlos Prieto, Alec Wodtke, Alicia De Andres, Felx Jimenez-Villacorta
  • [논문] Real-Time Label-Free Direct Electronic Monitoring of Topoisomerase Enzyme Binding Kinetics on Graphene (ACS NANO) - 2015.11
    류학기, Laura Zuccaro, Cinzia Tesauro, Tetiana Kurkina, Kannan Balasubramanian, Birgitta R Knudsen, Klaus Kern, Alessandro Desideri, Paola Fiorani
  • [논문] Helium diffraction and acoustic phonons of graphene grown on copper foil (CARBON) - 2015.09
    류학기, Alec M. Wodtke, Daniel Farías, Amjad Al Taleb, Gloria Anemone
  • [논문] Effective Reduction of Copper Surface for Clean Graphene Growth (JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY) - 2015.09
  • [논문] Enhancing the Electrochemical and Electronic Performance of CVD-Grown Graphene by Minimizing Trace Metal Impurities (CHEMELECTROCHEM) - 2014.12
    류학기, Rodrigo M Iost, Frank N. Crespilho, Kannan Balasubramanian, Alec M. Wodtke, Klaus Kern, Laura Zuccaro
  • [논문] Growth mechanism of metal-oxide nanowires synthesized by electron beam evaporation: A self-catalytic vapor-liquid-solid process (SCIENTIFIC REPORTS) - 2014.10
    류학기, 이종람
  • [논문] Probing the Growth Habit of Highly Single Crystalline Twinned V-Shape RuO2 Nanowires by Polarized Raman Scattering (JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C) - 2014.09
    류학기, 신해영, 이재연, 이유민, 윤석현, 정하영, 백정민, 김명화, 정세원
  • [논문] Chemical vapor deposition of graphene on a "peeled-off" epitaxial Cu(111) foil: a simple approach to improved properties (ACS NANO) - 2014.08
    류학기, 김기수, 이종람, Alec M. Wodtke, Claus Ropers, Janina Krieg, Klaus Kern, Kannan Balasubramanian , Manisankar Maiti
  • [논문] Ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction in transmission resolves polymer/graphene superstructure dynamics (SCIENCE) - 2014.07
    류학기, Max Gulde, Simon Schweda, Claus Ropers, Manisankar Maiti, Alec M. Wodtke, Sascha Schäfer, Gero Storeck
  • [논문] Effect of ion beam assisted deposition on the growth of indium tin oxide (ITO) nanowires (CRYSTENGCOMM) - 2014.05
    류학기, 이종람
  • [논문] Nano-branched transparent conducting oxides: beyond the brittleness limit for flexible electrode applications (NANOSCALE) - 2012.11
    류학기, 구본형, 이종람, 이보라, 함주영, 김성준, 정관호
  • [논문] Enhancing Light Emission of Nanostructured Vertical Light-Emitting Diodes by Minimizing Total Internal Reflection (ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS) - 2012.02
    류학기, 예병욱, 김범준, 손준호, 김명화, 이종람, 백정민, 송양희
  • [논문] MgO nano-facet embedded silver-based dielectric/metal/dielectric transparent electrode (OPTICS EXPRESS) - 2012.01
    류학기, 김성준, 홍기현, 김기수, 이종람, 이일환, 김경보, 김태엽, 손준호
  • [논문] Effects of W diffusion barrier on inhibition of AlN formation in Ti/W/Al ohmic contacts on N-face n-GaN (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS) - 2011.12
    류학기, 송양희, 이종람, 김범준, 유철종, 손준호
  • [논문] Self-Connected and Habitually Tilted Piezoelectric Nanorod Array (ACS NANO) - 2011.11
    류학기, 이종람, 백정민
  • [논문] Design of Epitaxially Strained Ag Film for Durable Ag-Based Contact to p-Type GaN (CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN) - 2011.11
    류학기, 손준호, 이종람, 김범준, 송양희
  • [논문] Three-Dimensional Nanobranched Indium–Tin-Oxide Anode for Organic Solar Cells (ACS NANO) - 2011.10
    류학기, 정관호, 이종람, 동완재
  • [논문] Enhanced Secondary Electron Emission in Nanoscale Thin Metal Containing MgO Film: Laser Irradiation on Creation of F Centers (JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C) - 2011.09
    류학기, 박응철, 이종람, 구본웅, 김영운, 류재화, 김웅권, 김재성
  • [논문] Design of an Interfacial Layer to Block Chemical Reaction for Epitaxial ZnO Growth on a Si Substrate (CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN) - 2011.06
    류학기, 이종람, 백정민
  • [논문] Domain Matching Epitaxy of Mg-Containing Ag Contact on p-Type GaN (CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN) - 2011.06
    류학기, 송양희, 손준호, 이종람, 정관호, 이정용, 이주호
  • [논문] Modulating ZnO nanostructure arrays on any substrates by nanolevel structure control (JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C) - 2011.05
    류학기, 예병욱, 이종람, 백정민, 김명화
  • [논문] Facile synthesis of single crystalline metallic RuO2 nanowires and electromigration-induced transport properties (JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C) - 2011.03
    류학기, 이유민, 백정민, 이종람, 김명화, 예병욱
  • [논문] Growth mechanism of MgO film on Si (100): Domain matching epitaxy, strain relaxation, preferred orientation formation (CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN) - 2010.12
    이종람, 류학기
  • [논문] Synthesis of metallic ReO3 nanowires (PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI-RAPID RESEARCH LETTERS) - 2010.12
    류학기, 명동신, 이유민, 김명화, 이종람, 백정민, 김웅, 이재연
  • [논문] Enhanced Light Out-Coupling of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Spontaneously Formed Nanofacet-Structured MgO as a Refractive Index Modulation Layer (ADVANCED MATERIALS) - 2010.11
    류학기, 홍기현, 이종람, 김기수, 김성준, 이일환
  • [논문] MgO nano-pyramids structure for enhancement of light extraction efficiency in vertical light-emitting diodes (OPTICS EXPRESS) - 2010.09
    류학기, 이종람, 손준호
  • [논문] The role of reflective p-contacts in the enhancement of light extraction in nanotextured vertical InGaN light-emitting diodes (NANOTECHNOLOGY) - 2010.01
    류학기, 장호원, 이종람, 이상한, 류성욱
  • [논문] Effects of Ni cladding layers on suppression of Ag agglomeration in Ag-based Ohmic contacts on p-GaN (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS) - 2009.08
    류학기, 이종람, 송양희, 손준호
  • [논문] Degradation Mechanism of Secondary Electron Emission in Plasma-Exposed MgO Films (JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS) - 2009.07
    류학기, 김웅권, 이종람, 김재성, 류재화, 박응철
  • [논문] Low Resistance and Themarlly Stable Ohmic Contact on p-type GaN Using a RuO2 Diffusion Barrier (ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS) - 2008.10
    류학기, 이종람, 송양희, 손준호
  • [논문] Effect of N 2, Ar, and O 2 plasma treatments on surface properties of metals (JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS) - 2008.04
    류학기, 김수영, 이종람, 김기수, 김웅권, 홍기현
  • [논문] Highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes with hole injection layer of transition metal oxides (JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS) - 2005.11
    류학기, 이종람, 백정민, 김수영
  • [논문] Rhodium-oxide-coated indium tin oxide for enhancement of hole injection in organic light emitting diodes (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS) - 2005.08
    류학기, 김수영, 이종람, 김광영, 탁윤흥, 백정민
  • [논문] Ohmic contacts for high power LEDs (PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI A-APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE) - 2004.09
    류학기, 장호원, 이종람, 김수영, 김종규
특허 및 기타
  • [특허] 결정성 조절을 통한 유연 소자 제조방법 (등록) (10-1845756) - 2018.03
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